Individual Therapy $200/50 min session

We can provide individual therapy to adults and adolescents 14 years of age and up (with the consent of a guardian). Your therapy starts with an initial session to give your therapist some background to your experience, discuss therapy goals, things that worked or didn’t work if therapy has been tried in the past, and obstacles to success. This may include a more formal assessment if mental health concerns are present.

Common areas that clients work on in individual counselling include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, emotional dysregulation, anger management, dealing with life stressors, sleep problems, self-harm, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, life transitions and relationship concerns.

*New* Accelerated Resolution therapy for trauma. Individual therapy rates apply.

Sessions last 50 mins, and the frequency of sessions depends on the individual. Factors to consider are; the level of intensity of the problem, eagerness to see change, availability of time for the client, and budget. We recommend people explore their employment benefits and health insurance in considering affordability.

Couples/Family Therapy $200/50 min session

Couples and family therapy can be very effective in helping manage a variety of concerns. Many couples come to counselling looking to improve their relationship, communication and connection. Some couples come to heal injuries to the relationship that may have occurred due to infidelity, betrayal of trust, addiction or mental health concerns. Some just need some help adjusting to a transition in their lives like children being born or leaving home, divorce or retirement. Some couples need some support and guidance dealing with difficult family situations such as behavior or mental health concerns of a loved one, parenting struggles or navigating blended families.

*Coming Soon* Hold Me Tight Couples workshops. Details to follow………